Contemporary Cluster


After a pre-selection, an open number of finalists will be selected from which the winning works will be chosen. As  part of the competition, an exhibition event will be held that will see selected some  of the finalist artists of the 4 quarterly editions of the year, the assignment of a cash  prize and 5 service prizes every 3 months. 

The exhibition will take place at the Contemporary Cluster, Palazzo Brancaccio in  Rome on an established date, in 2023.

Biafarin Inc.


Biafarin Inc. is a Canadian Artist Management company with a 10-language online portal,offering 30+ art-related services to an international network of artists in 60+ countries.  All artists can join Biafarin for free at:


Biafarin’s Blue, Gold and Platinum packages empower visual artist to enhance their artistic journey.
Find out more about benefits of each package at:

Partnership and awards

Biafarin is the main partner in Prisma Art Prize.

They offer three prizes to artists that submit our contest for each call: Blue Annual Artist Development Package, an online solo exhibition on their platform and the deleopement and manteinance on a bilingual personal website for the artist.

Viviva Colors

Company Short Description
Viviva Colors started as a company in 2017. With a goal to make art more accessible, fun, and easy, they introduced the world to the most innovative and portable watercolors on the planet – Viviva Colorsheets!
Today, they have over 30,000 happy customers from more than 100 countries. Their products are a perfect gift for beginners, hobbyists, and anyone who loves painting! 🙂

About the Colorsheets Set
The Viviva Colorsheets Single Set has 16 premium watercolors but weighs less than 1.5 Oz! They are smaller and thinner than your phone and, if used properly, the Viviva Colorsheets Single Set lasts as long as a regular half-pan watercolor set. The Viviva watercolor sheets are very, very vibrant.

About the Gift Set
The Gift Set is a perfect gift for an artist, hobbyist, or anyone who is interested in art and watercoloring. The premium African Maple wooden cover will be engraved with the person’s name and a personal message from you.
This is a lush, special gift with a world of goodness inside – The 100% Eco-friendly and handmade Viviva Colorsheets and a waterbrush that lets you paint wherever you want. There’s a faux leather strap connecting the two wooden covers which feels premium but does not hurt the environment 🙂

Gift Set Product Link –

Atelier Montez


A factory in Rome that has been producing and exhibiting works of art from all around the world in the last 10 years.

Partnership and awards

Atelier Montez will host the yearly exhibition of Prisma Art Prize in Feb. 2022.

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