Contemporary Cluster is an art gallery in Rome, founded in November 2016,  like a creative space for contemporaneity exceeding the traditional canons of art and traveling towards the idea of total contemporaneity.

Immediately devoted itself to experimentation on contemporary art through different approaches and modes. The cultural offer focuses on interdisciplinary interests, exchange and research, promoting a new concept for its artistic and cultural production, paying attention to the different aspects of visual cultures and the latest trends.

Photo by Marina Rossi
Photo by Serena Eller

In this new space, Contemporary Cluster continues to promote and produce a new concept of artistic culture, paying attention to the different aspects of visual cultures: fluidity, cross-mediality and cooperation. Africano is a fluid, ibrid and total space aimed at representing contemporaneity as a unique space through the meeting of different artistic disciplines united under the Cluster method.


Via Merulana 248, Roma


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