“This is not your flesh anymore” is the title of the exhibition of the first year of Prisma Art Prize, hold at Atelier Montez in Rome from 10 February to 3 March 2022. The exhibition curated by Marco Crispano that revolves around the body as both object, subject, form and sign in the works of the artists that have taken part in our quarterly editions of 2020. Works have been selected by Marco among finalists and winners.


The ATELIER MONTEZ, a contemporary art factory born in 2012 from the redevelopment of an urban wreck between the Aniene Nature Reserve and the historic outskirts of Rome, Pietralata, is the location chosen for the first collective exhibition of the Prisma Art Prize. Designed by the artist Gio Montez, Giacomo Capogrossi, and the architect Francesco Perri, it is one of the most innovative examples of urban regeneration in Rome.