We wanted to create a place for artists to grow and share their work to each other. A happening that could really be a chance to measure and compare their own work with other artists from all around the world. A prize that could become an exhibition which awards the best among them. All of the above became this new idea that we want to launch, to empower independent artists from all around the world in a friendly and competitive environment where favoritism does not exist. Prisma Art Prize is a seasonal competition which becomes an annual group exhibit in Rome. Every artist can apply.


Every three months we will choose a winner among all the finalist works that will get a € 500 cash prize. We will award €2000 in cash prizes every year to the best artists that will take part in our award in seasonal competitions which take place every three months.


All the finalist works will be shown on our online gallery for the whole duration of our awards, together with infos and contacts of the artist. In this way you can get noticed by all the other participants and all of those who visit the site to buy the paintings.


The exhibition will take place in 2020 at the Atelier Montez, a contemporary art factory born in 2012 from the redevelopment of an urban wreck between the Natural Reserve of the Aniene and the historical outskirts of Rome, Pietralata, built on a project by the Artist Gio Montez, Giacomo Capogrossi and the architect Francesco Perri.


Once per year we will host a collective exhibition will all the works we find suitable for it. All the winning paintings, with the artist consent, will be exposed in a big collective exhibition in a gallery in Rome for a week, where we will invite collectors, gallery owners, art critics and passionate people about art to see the paintings.


Our team is at work every day to make sure that there are no pointless waiting times until your work is carefully examined by our jurors. We will answer in 48 hours max and tell you whether your work will be a finalist or not in our competition. In that way you can immediately benefit from your submission or concentrate on something else. If we select your work, it will be immediately put on our website and on our social networks.


We are working with many partners to have people buying paintings from our finalists galleries and from our annual exhibition. When you submit your work, you can decide if you want to be purchased by one of our partners and what is the value you imagined for your painting. We will put you in a special list from which our partners will choose which paintings to buy at the end of the year. We will soon announce the list of the first partners that have joined us.



Submission will only take two minutes. You don’t have to print anything, nor send paperwork, nor sign. Just fill out the online entry form, pay with PayPal, Stripe or Credit Card and you’re set. You can submit up to three artworks.