For over twenty years Sulamit has forged a path from which one can witness nature on her own terms, with absolute patience and a hunt driven by hunger, in broad daylight. Esoteric and layered, like a baptism and someone studying such events, understanding the concept and the technical aspects but refusing to be moved or shocked by spectacle. Large scale paintings include depictions of confrontation, animals, rituals, meaningful moments charged with gentleness and power; unafraid of crashing and breaking a nail or two. Swift vibrant brushstrokes swirling across like a ravishing storm that explodes and expands beyond questions and dream-like imagery clearly translate her inner dialogue, informed by the resources acquired while pursuing a graduate program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California(year). Her approach to creation is feminine and loud; casting shadows and throwing knives that pierce through thoughts of safety and complacency allowing oneself to heal from distant nightmares. Fully understanding the act of creation as an echo of a divine voice. She has participated in international Art Fairs and has shown her work in many individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico and the United States.

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