These are the jurors of Prisma Art Prize that, at the end of each call, will assign the €500 cash prize to the quarterly winner, the Arteza Prize and the Biafarin Prize.

Jurors are selected among international artists, some of whom have been choosen among the previous winners of our competitions.


Artistic Director


Painter – 1994 – Pescara


Born and raised in Pescara in 1994, he lives and works in Rome since 2013 where he earned a degree in economics. He approaches painting in the capital, learning the basics of Caravaggesque mannerism from the master Giorgio Dante from which he moves away after a short time. He prefers oil and acrylic painting as an expressive medium but also develops installations. He is co-founder of Il Varco, a film production company and a company that operates in the art sector, including cinema, painting, literature and photography.




Painter – France


Evelyne Huet is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. She is a mathematician by training, a discipline that she chose for its infinitely dreamlike dimension and that she taught for many years at university (Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, and then Université Paris 7 – Denis Diderot).
She also studied fine art at the famous atelier La Grande Chaumière in Montparnasse, Paris. The painter ARTOZOUL was her teacher there. Recently, Huet was made a Sociétaire of the Salon d’Automne. As a member of the OpenArtCode group of international artists based in Florence, Italy, her work is regularly shown in solo and group exhibitions around the world, including in Japan, Spain, China, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.

Her digital paintings explore the complexity of human emotions, imagining both their genesis and their evolution. Painting on a screen using her fingertips, Huet simplifies the lines and shapes of bodies, often just the face, to the extreme, searching to discover feelings such as happiness, fear, and pain, as well as more universal expressions of religions, myths, and history. Through layers of color, she builds complex images that reflect the multitude of experiences which make up the universal human condition, with its joys but also its torments and violence.


Juror from the 2nd Edition / Winner of the 1st edition


Painter – Italy – 1985


Stefania Laccu is an Italian artist, who lives and work in Leicester, United Kingdom.
Currently, Stefania is undertaking a doctoral research (PhD) in Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester. Her research is a practice-based and interdisciplinary investigation across the fields of painting’s medium, aesthetics, social science and medical humanities. Stefania has obtained her bachelor’s degree at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and her master’s degree at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. Stefania is active in the arts and in the academia, exhibiting her work nationally and internationally, publishing academic articles, being an artist in residency and a visiting researcher.




Painter – Italy – 1949


Giovanni Marziano was born in 1949 in Catanzaro, where he lives and works.
He began exhibiting in 1972, taking part in national art exhibitions: the Villa S.Giovanni Award, Il Fiorino, Bormio County, Michetti Award, Città di Pizzo Award. From the same year he exhibited in numerous Italian and European cities.
He made paintings for the municipality of Catanzaro, Rosarno, frescoes in the municipal building of Soveria Mannelli, the 200-square-meter apse mosaic and the paintings of the side chapels in the Cathedral of Squillace. Scholar of the work of Mattia Preti and of the Neapolitan 600, he has held educational conferences in many Calabrian cities. He was artistic director of the Museum of Modern Art of Soveria Mannelli and of the Art Gallery “Prometeo” in Catanzaro. Finalist in Figurativas 11 (Barcelona), work acquired by Meam (European Museum of Contemporary Art). One of his “Self-portrait” of 2007 is part of the collection of the Museo Civico di Taverna.




Artist, curator – Italy – 1987


Giorgio Capogrossi, aka “GIO MONTEZ”, was born on November 12th 1987 in Rome. Attends the 12. class at the Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium Institute in Frankfurt am Main; follows the scientific maturity at the high school s.s. Amedeo Avogadro of Rome in 2006. He traveled for two years in Western Europe, Latin America and Australia. Back in Europe he establishes in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main, where he participates in numerous cultural initiatives receiving the first significant awards. Since 2011 he works as an assistant for the interdisciplinary artist Miroslaw Macke, Meisterschueler by Hermann Nitsch, interested in Viennese Actionism and its developments in the second and third generations. In the same year he was appointed member of the board of directors of the Kunstverein Familie Montez and participates in some exhibitions at important institutions such as the Museum das Haus der Stadtgeschichte of Offenbach, the Museum fuer Moderne Kunst, Biennial of the Lichtkultur and many others. In 2012 he moved to Rome where he attended Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and began a twin project with the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt, setting up the Atelier Montez, of which he was President and Artistic Director. His exhibition and artistic curator activity continues rich and varied since those days.




Painting, digital artist – Italy – 1993


Marco Casalvieri was born in Rome in 1993. During his adolescence he acquired skills in the field of digital representation; these will allow him to collaborate on various projects as an illustrator, portraitist and concept artist, both nationally and internationally. In the last decade he identified his passion in the use of the oil technique and thus elaborated his artistic synthesis: the study of light is the central element of his research. The choice of color is not intended only as a means of representing the object of interest but as an indispensable factor in the approach to the combination of light and shadow, with the generation of tones, atmospheres and new ideas for perception.




Mixed media artist – Italy – 1989


A journey through archetypes, visions, and nightmares of the childhood. Attracted by the most hidden parts of human nature, it descends in its depths and search of the original figures. Emanuele Tozzoli lives his art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, investigating the subtle nature of the artistic composition. With an instinctive and visceral workflow, it lets loose what comes from the unconscious, using a recurring symbology. Each work is the result of a primitive flow where each painting becomes the materialization of a dreamlike and extravagant interior world.

Emanuele stepped into the art world at the very young age of 8, together with his father an artist who has been painting for over 40 years. He extended his studies to sound engineering and completed his formation as decorator and restorer of wall paintings in Turin. Now he is carving out a name in the international gallery circuit, with recent participation in galleries such as Daville Baillie Gallery, Johannesburg (SOUTH AFRICA), Le Dame Art Gallery (UK), Saphira e Ventura Gallery, New York (USA), 19Karen Gallery (AUSTRALIA), Mika Gallery, Tel Aviv (ISRAEL), Art Zandra Gallery, (SWEDEN).




Painter – Italy – 1961


Massimo Ricci was born in 1961 in Nizza Monferrato, where he lives and works. He started his journey at the contact of artists of the Asti school at a very young age and attended figure lessons at the Genoa Linguistic Academy, developing his own language which still constitutes an uninterrupted occasion for stylistic research. He combines pictorial and graphic works in architectural contexts and outdoor environments with his studio activity. He carries out artistic illustration activities for publishing, public bodies and companies in various sectors. For the entire editorial duration, he illustrated the national “Tuttocome” sheet in the newspaper La Stampa.




Painter – Italy – 1973


Self-taught, using forms and colors that he intimately recognizes, in his works he tries to narrate himself through the representation of inner, dreamlike or physical landscapes, focusing attention on what most strongly impregnates him deeply. Sensitively fascinated by the Cubist and Expressionist Works of the 20th century and later by the Informal Art, using geometric compromises, he began to paint on canvas and was surprised when he recognized himself in the light trapped by the mechanisms built in his works. In fact, his attempt to find the way to free that light by expressing an impelling need to live as well as to concretize his existential condition visually is evident.


Juror from the 3rd Edition / Winner of the 2nd edition



Painter – U.S.A. – 1976


Jenna Pallio, born in New York, has lived and worked in Milan for 14 years. She graduated from New York University where she also obtained a Masters in Studio Art, deepening her knowledge between New York and Venice.
Her work explores the esoteric nature of our memory through content and processes, removing the layers on the surface as we dig into our experiences and emotions to discover what is underneath. Paintings and drawings are created through a removal technique. An area is covered with a certain material and the image is created by erasing it from the surface. In this way, one moves backwards to capture a concrete and familiar moment of the past. The process reflects the functioning of memory in our lives. While some memories disintegrate, they are moments that remain.


Juror from the 4th Edition / Winner of the 3rd edition


Painter – Italy


Giuliano Sacchero was born in Turin, Italy. Self-taught artist, he lives in the province of Viterbo. One of his drawings was chosen for the Expo of the XXVII Biennial of Humor in the art of Tolentino. He’ve been selected by the English newspaper The Guardian exhibits at The Kings Place (The Guardian Gallery) London UK. His work entitled Opera901 is part of the scenography in the film My mother by Nanni Moretti. He exhibits the works of the Divina Commedia and Pinocchio series in Berlin and Kiel, LaDante, Germany.
Winner of the third edition of the PrismaArtPrize2020 International Award.
Many of his works are part of important private and public collections.
Giuliano lives and works in Italy.


Juror from the 2nd year



Painter – Canada – 1966


Ian McLean is a Canadian artist based in Sarnia, Ontario. Born in 1966, he studied Studio Art and Art History at the University of Guelph and has been a
professional artist for more than thirty years. He has exhibited at several galleries in Toronto and across Canada and his work is found in private collections internationally. In his oil paintings, Ian presents otherworldly depictions of imagined residential environments – both interior and exterior. Implied narratives in the settings are intended to suggest notions of control, order, and disruption in utopian pursuits. Ian has been the recipient of multiple Ontario Arts Council grants and was recently a contestant on the inaugural season of the reality television series “Landscape Artist of the Year: Canada”


Juror from the 2nd year



Painter – UK


Phil Tyler is a practising artist who is interested in the relationship between the materiality of painting and it’s potential to create illusionary space as well as act as a cypher for grief, loss and the notion of the sublime.
His practice involves painting, drawing, printmaking photography, collage, digital image and writing. He has a track record of exhibiting work both nationally and internationally since the mid 1980s and his work has exhibited in the ING Discerning Eye, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The Lynn Painter-Stainers prize, The Garrick Milne Prize, The Royal Overseas league, East, The National Open and the Whitworth young contemporary’s competitions.
His work is in both public and private collections in this country as well as in America Australia Finland Hong Kong and Sweden, including Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Peterborough Museum as well as being collected by Brian Sewell. His work is represented by Zimmer Stewart Gallery Arundel The Harbour Gallery Porthcatho, and the Fairfax Gallery Burnham Market. His first book “Drawing and Painting the nude” was published by The Crowood Press in 2015 and his second book “Drawing and Painting the landscape” was published in 2017. He has also written a number of articles for The Artist Magazine.
Phil Tyler has also appeared on BBC Television Programmes and other tv shows. He was a Quarter Finalist Sky Arts Portrait artist of the year, 2018 S4 Ep 7 and 2019 S5 Ep 7.


Juror from the 6th edition



Artist – South Corea


Hong Ji-young is an artist from Seoul, South Korea. She stepped into the art world in 1995 when she was 8. Her artworks are motivated by the image taken with thermal imaging camera. She want to express the world beyond race and gender and explore the inner side of humankind using various colors.
She studied Occidental Painting (BFA) at Sung-Shin Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea and Technology Art (MS) at  Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea. She take part to the artist residence held by Coutances Arts center, Normandie Coutances, France in 2019 and  to the artist residence held by FORM297 Cupio, Hwaseong, South Korea and she exhibit in a lot of solo and group exhibition in South Corea and in Europe.


Juror from the 6th edition



Artist – Mexico


For over twenty years Sulamit has forged a path from which one can witness nature on her own terms, with absolute patience and a hunt driven by hunger, in broad daylight. Esoteric and layered, like a baptism and someone studying such events, understanding the concept and the technical aspects but refusing to be moved or shocked by spectacle. Large scale paintings include depictions of confrontation, animals, rituals, meaningful moments charged with gentleness and power; unafraid of crashing and breaking a nail or two. Swift vibrant brushstrokes swirling across like a ravishing storm that explodes and expands beyond questions and dream-like imagery clearly translate her inner dialogue, informed by the resources acquired while pursuing a graduate program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California(year). Her approach to creation is feminine and loud; casting shadows and throwing knives that pierce through thoughts of safety and complacency allowing oneself to heal from distant nightmares. Fully understanding the act of creation as an echo of a divine voice. She has participated in international Art Fairs and has shown her work in many individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico and the United States.


Juror from the 6th edition



Painter – India


A brilliant colorist, Nayanaa Kanodia, an economist turned painter, is considered to be the pioneer of l’Art Naïf in India, a genre until then unseen and unheard of in a contemporary context. She has since established a rare niche for herself in this very particular mode.
Having won the National Scholarship of the Government of India, she completed her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi with an Honours Degree in Economics. Nayanaa is an entirely self-taught artist except for a year-long apprenticeship with Anjolie Ela Menon – one of India’s leading contemporary artists. Having had a French leave of absenteeism from formal training in art enabled Nayanaa Kanodia to bring patterns of strong individualism into her work long before it was considered a redefining approach for unique and contemporary artists of today. This also guided Nayanaa Kanodia to avoid the hierarchy of the artworld labels, such as a ‘high’ and ‘lowbrow’, and to present the dynamics of social reality in the concrete frames of virtuality.
In 1998 she was chosen from among artists of all The Commonwealth Countries by The Commonwealth Institute to have a solo show to inaugurate their newly renovated Complex in London. Based on the contribution she had made to L’Art Naïf she was invited by the world renowned Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2001 to demonstrate her painting techniques and exhibit her paintings in the gallery. What is more, she is the first Indian whose paintings are part of Paintings in Hospitals collection. Her works are permanently displayed at Musée d’Art Naïf Max Fourny – Halle Saint Pierre in Montmartre in Paris. Impressed by the social messages being conveyed in her paintings, a consortium of schools in Los Altos, USA, is using her work as a medium of instruction to their students. Nayanaa’s paintings feature in a recently published international book ‘Women in Art’ by Reinhard Fuchs. Nayanaa considers it a great honour to be selected amongst the world’s most talented female artists. She was also honoured with an award by Megh Mandal Sansthan, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India in 2016. She has conducted numerous Art Camps in India and abroad – Bangkok, Cambodia, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, multiple cities in Italy, Athens, Mykonos in Greece as well as Finland, Norway, Sweden. She has a teaching experience of two decades and is on the faculty of Spic Macay International. She gives talks and presentations on art in prestigious organizations and universities. In addition, she is a judge in many Art Events, Art Fairs and Art Competitions.


Juror from the 6th edition



Painter and professor – USA


Heidi Brueckner is a Professor of Art at West Valley College in Saratoga, California where she has taught painting, drawing, and design for over 20 years.

A native Californian, Brueckner studied at the University of Heidelberg and The Goethe Institute in Germany in the late 1980s. During this pivotal year, she was able to visit the major museums of Europe and found herself heavily influenced artistically by 20th century German art.
Brueckner received a BA in Fine Art and a BA in Art History from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1991. She received an MFA in Painting from University of Kansas in 1997.

Professor Brueckner’s work has been shown at museums, galleries, colleges, and in publications nationally and internationally. She has received several awards and scholarships for her work.
In 2018, she published the book “Monsterbet”, a series of 26 oil, acrylic, and mixed media paintings based on the format of children’s alphabet rhymes. The book is available for purchase at Etsy, Amazon, and at her website

Upcoming solo exhibitions will be at GearBox Gallery in Oakland, California in 2021, and at Buckham Gallery in Flint, Michigan in 2022.
She currently lives and makes art in Oakland, California, USA.

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